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Participate in the Pets of Addgene Scavenger Hunt

No pranks, just fun and games this April Fool’s Day on the Addgene blog. 

We’ve been mostly working remotely for the last year to give our lab and shipping teams enough space at HQ and for some of us, that means spending more time with our pets. These new “co-workers” have made their way onto our Slack workspace over the last year.

Now, we’ve collected photos of our pets with Addgene gear, and have unleashed them all over our recently redesigned blog. 🐕

Your task is to find them, scavenger hunt style. 🔎

Here’s how the scavenger hunt works works:

  1. You will be trying to find pictures of Addgene pets with Addgene-branded clothing on the blog.
  2. Below each photo, the pet gives you a clue to help you find the next picture. If you find the next correct photo, you will see a reference to this scavenger hunt and the subsequent clue. (Begin with clue 1 below!)
  3. You will find five photos this way.
  4. At the very last photo, you will find a link to a form where if you would like to enter the raffle, you’ll enter your name and email address.
  5. If you’re selected in the raffle, you will receive an email from us asking for your mailing address and T shirt size.

You have until April 7, 2021 to make your way through the scavenger hunt and enter the raffle.

We encourage you to take advantage of the blog’s newly updated navigation menu and search tool to help you navigate the scavenger hunt.

Good luck and have fun exploring the blog!


White dog with brown ears and face wearing a black nice genes shirt

Pets of Addgene Scavenger Hunt Clue 1:

“Woof! You’ll find the next Addgenie pets photo on a blog post where the title is a hint for the next pet you’re going to find. It’s not a dog but the title has a reference to a speedy character from the Mario Series! It’s also the name of one of our conferences rooms.” – Charlie


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