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Product Crush // My favorites from bepure

Argan oil and prickly pear Everything you need to get your skin and hair through the winter well Which season is better for extended wellness days in your own four walls than winter? Winter is just around the corner (even if the current temperatures are still far too high). My …

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Product Crush // Please more bitter with bitter love

More bitter, please! Discover the power of bitter substances! Bitter substances are so important and belong in a balanced diet. But bitter substances have largely disappeared from food as a result of industrialization. Our sense of taste is no longer in its original state, but changed by the excessive supply …

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No more stigma! – happy me //

No more stigmatization! – happy me // Jump to content According to a current study from 2018 (more here) around 17.8 million people in Germany suffer from mental illness every year. We are all either directly or indirectly affected by depression, eating disorders, anxiety and the like. So it’s high …

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“Psyche? Everyone does! “- I’m happy //

Book trailer: “Psyche? Everyone does! “- I’m happy // Jump to content YAY! We made a trailer so that everyone who finds the book interesting can get a glimpse of it. My book is everywhere from now on can be pre-ordered (Link is an affiliate link). Photo credits: Brigitte Tohm …

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