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Mikroorganizmalar ve Çeşitlilik

the microbiology of the Built Environment network

The Biology and the Built Environment Center (BioBE) is currently seeking a post-doc to investigate fundamental questions surrounding the role of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi archaea, and protists) in the built environment and in relation to human health outcomes. Learn more and apply here. (https://careers.uoregon.edu/en-us/job/527294/post-doctoral-scholar-in-microbial-ecology) Like this: Like Loading… Related

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Compilation of guidance (from a few sources) on School Reopening

About a month ago I posted a request for information about guidance for school reopening. See the post here: https://microbe.net/2021/02/06/compiling-information-about-covid19-transmission-masks-filtration-schools-etc/ I spent a while looking at the responses and also soliciting some more and ended up with a few really good documents / sites with information about school reopening.  These …

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