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Mexican government releases anti-climactic report in response to petition alleging sex discrimination in recruitment and hiring for US agricultural and low wage visa programs

On 30 June 2020, the Mexican ministry of labor Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS – Secretary of Labor and Social Protection) issued its report on Public Communication No. MEX 2016-1 under the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation (NAALC). Better known as the NAFTA labor side agreement, the …

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F for Factory – F for Factory

This file includes the chapter F for Factory. C.ipputi, the Statute, rights from the assembly line to the apps (F for Factory. Blue-collar work, the Workers Statute, 1970, labour rights from the assembly line to the apps), published in the book Work is a word. A choral alphabet fifty years …

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The TikTok Controversy: Can WTO Prevent Bans?

The popular video-sharing mobile app TikTok has been in the news of late. President Trump signed an executive order on August 6, banning TikTok unless it is acquired by a U.S. company by September 15th.[1] This order comes on the heels of similar action taken by India, which banned 59 …

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Ahlaki Otoriteler Olmadan Bir Salgın

Küresel bir kitleye sahip aydınlar da bu felaket karşısında yokluğuyla dikkat çekiyor gibi görünüyor.Roma Katolikliği ve genel olarak Hıristiyan mezhepleri açısından Papa Francis, bu tür işaretler olarak hareket edemedi salgın yüzünden.  Birleşmiş Milletler Genel Sekreteri António Guterres, bazen ‘lay Papa’ olarak adlandırılan kişi de bu rolü yerine getirirken. Bu belki …

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