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Hot Plasmids and Viral Preps

Every few months we highlight a subset of the new plasmids and viral preps in the repository through our hot plasmids articles. These articles provide brief summaries of recent plasmid deposits and we hope they’ll make it easier for you to find and use the plasmids you need. Here’s what you’ll …

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New lab-grown blastoids are strikingly similar to human embryos

Author Ricki Lewis. A new word has been added to the lexicon of human stem cell research – blastoids, aka “blastocyst-like structures.” Unlike the familiar three-layered embryo that emerges during the third week of prenatal development, the earlier blastocyst resembles a fluid-filled soccer ball, with a smear of cells on …

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Multipotent & totipotent vs pluripotent stem cells

What’s the difference between multipotent stem cells, totipotent stem cells, and pluripotent stem cells? The goal of today’s post is to help you learn and be clear on the differences. What’s in this article Definition of stem cells |Totipotent vs pluripotent stem cells | Pluripotent stem cells | Multipotent stem cells | …

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The Basics of Western Blotting

You’ve gotten the plasmid encoding your protein of interest from Addgene, transfected it into your target cells, now what? How can you tell if the protein you are so keen to study is expressing in your cells? Immunoblotting or simply the western blot, or western, is one of the simplest …

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List of FDA Approved Stem Cell Therapies

Over the years many of us have wished that there was a list of FDA approved stem cell therapies. Patients and fellow scientists often asked me, but there was no list that I could find. Other researchers mentioned being asked too. As a result, the general answer was, “the FDA …

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