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large-scale imaging of healthy and diseased tissue

Even though the amount of research done on diabetes is considerable, there is still a large gap in what we know of the pathophysiological mechanisms of diabetes type 1. In this blog post two papers are discussed and the results of both papers are laid down as an indication of …

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CRISPR Cheat Sheet

Originally published May 31, 2018 and last updated Jan 27, 2021 by Jennifer Tsang. We have some crisp new CRISPR material for you!  The CRISPR field moves fast. That’s why we’re bringing you a brand new third edition of Addgene’s CRISPR 101 eBook. This new edition of the eBook includes …

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Antibodies 101: Introduction to Antibodies

You may have heard the term antibody tossed around in the news or in the lab. But what exactly is an antibody, and how is a component of the immune system useful as a research reagent? Let’s find out! What is an antibody? Antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins, are ~150 …

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2020 The Screamers Science Hype Award goes to Stephen Hahn

Today’s post announces the winner of the 2020 The Screamers Science Hype Award. Since this is the inaugural year for The Screamers, I’m just going to give out one main award: Overall Worst Science Hype. Science Hype Award to FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn Remarkably, the winner of the overall The …

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Fact-checking, pros and cons of cord blood banking

When my wife and I were expecting our first daughter way back in the nineties, we received a paper pamphlet about cord blood banking. Back then, I was a graduate student at UC San Diego School of Medicine working toward my Ph.D. in Molecular Pathology and my wife was in …

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