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Resolving the full structure of LRRK2 with cryo-ET

Up until now the structure of leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 or LRRK2 was not yet fully resolved. The paper Watanabe et al. that we discuss in this post explains how using fluorescent light microscopy (FLM), in situ cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) and subtomogram averaging analysis reveals the full structure of the …

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How Do They Work and How Do We Study Them?

This article was written by Alyssa Cecchetelli and Andrew Hempstead. What do smell, taste and sight have in common, besides being one of the five senses? GPCRs or G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)! Aside from these three senses, GPCRs play roles in initiating signaling pathways in inflammation, and neurotransmission. These receptors can …

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Fact-check: F grade for irresponsible stem cell COVID-19 cure piece

At times there’s been seriously bad journalism covering COVID-19 itself including implications of various things being a COVID cure. Of course, media coverage of stem cell research itself sometimes ends up being a train-wreck of hype too. More recently we’ve seen irresponsible journalism also around the specific idea of stem …

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The Niche reads: COVID, new INDs, clinic suits, papers

Here are my recommended weekly reads for The Niche readership for early February 2021 including COVID-19 and stem cell lawsuit updates, papers, and more. How many papers do you end up reading each week or month these days? More or less than before the pandemic? COVID-19 updates New Regenerative Medicine …

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Lawmaker indicted for selling fake stem cells for COVID & more

A grand jury indicted Missouri state representative and assistant physician Patricia Derges for allegedly selling and injecting patients with fake stem cells. The injection was reportedly just of amniotic fluid, but Derges allegedly claimed it was a stem cell treatment. NBC News was one of several media outlets that broke …

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7 Tips to Secure a STEAM Internship This Summer

This blog post was contributed by guest bloggers Roodolph (Roo) P. St Pierre and Rose C. St Pierre, founders of STEAMid. Internships open doors to a web of opportunities that the classroom cannot offer. Furthermore, companies across most industries tend to hire their former interns to fill entry-level positions right out …

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