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New human genome editing (HHGE) academy report: solid, but key gaps

Something called, “The International Commission on the Clinical Use of Human Germline Genome Editing” has issued a new report on heritable human genome editing (HHGE). The Commission was convened by the U.S. National Academy of Medicine, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and the U.K.’s Royal Society. This post is my initial …

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Recommended reads: PSC, COVID, FDA pledge, sci jobs

“Figure 2. Inhibition of H3K27 methylation by K27M histones is limited to cycling cells. Sarthy, et al, eLife 2020. When you sit down to read science on the weekends lately, assuming you are not primarily a COVID-19 researcher, how much COVID stuff seeps into your reading? As I was going over …

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Screening Strategies Used in Plasmid Cloning

If you’re cloning a plasmid, you’ll need a way to find the needle in the haystack: the one perfect clone that contains the plasmid you’re looking for out of the many cells that don’t. One way to begin the search is by using selection strategies, where only cells that have …

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Overcoming the AAV Size Limitation for CRISPR Delivery

Originally published Jul 14, 2015 and last updated Sep 16, 2020 by Beth Kenkel.  CRISPR genome editing has quickly become a popular system for in vitro and germline genome editing, but in vivo gene editing approaches have been limited by problems with Cas9 delivery. Adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV) are commonly …

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