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Weekly stem cell research reads: BAF, Polycomb, Fertility, More

Jonathan Hoggatt is now at Moderna. Twitter pic. What might be most surprising about this week’s recommended stem cell research reads is there’s nothing about COVID-19 in here. There are, however, some really great papers. And we can expect more developments on the cellular medicine for COVID-19 front coming soon. …

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Streaking for Single Colonies: The Streak Plate Challenge

Streaking for single colonies is an integral part of any bacteriologist’s skill set. So when Dave Westenberg taught this concept in his microbiology lab course, he decided to add a bit of fun. He mixed together 10 E. coli strains producing different pigments, and tasked the students to separate out …

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Will Stem Cells Save the Northern White Rhino?

The title of a new article in Stem Cells and Development may seem audacious to those unfamiliar with the plight of the northern white rhino and the promise of induced pluripotent stem cells. But “Rewinding Extinction in the Northern White Rhinoceros” may turn out to be accurate for what a …

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Regenerative reads: brain organoids, Clinicaltrials.gov change

Sometimes change takes a very long time, but with brain organoids or advocating for better information for patients at Clinicaltrials.gov, after waiting you can see some interesting developments.  These are two of the regenerative medicine stories of the week, along with some striking research papers. Clinicaltrials.gov Some of us have …

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from bottleneck to automated process

In the past few years electron microscopes have become increasingly faster, increasing their overall throughput. However, this throughput improvement can only be used effectively if sample preparation is able to keep up with the image acquisition. The main bottleneck here lies in the fact that sample preparation requires several time-consuming …

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24 cell therapy & stem cell stocks I’m following

Stem cell stocks, meaning cellular therapy biotech companies, face many challenges, but their clinical research is crucial. These biotechs have ups and downs, sometimes at the same time. This is kind of the standard of “life” as any biotech company. It is definitely the case in the volatile stem cell …

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